A Campers Prayer: I pray that God helps me to find my strengths and figure out how to use them to help others. I pray that God works through me so that I can use my gifts to do good in the world. I pray that God helps me to change the world for the better. A Campers Prayer: Stop the hate. Feed the hungry. Accept the differences. Open your arms to all. Bless the broken. Forgive the sorry. A Campers Prayer: A better future for all LGBTQ people and our generation. Love Jesus & God. World peace. Love for everybody. A Campers Prayer: I pray for those who are alone in the dark. I pray for those who are lost and should be found. I pray for myself so that I may love all that I am. I pray for those who live as a shadow of themselves. Honestly, God, I would just like peace to wash over my heart... at least for a short time. Amen. A Campers Prayer: Love God. Love one another. Celebration of diversity. Inclusion and equality. Experiencing God in the way we are created. Hope for the hurting, hungry, and oppressed. Anger turned into peace and gentleness. Transformation of our earthly bodies. Everyone gathered at the table.

The Naming Project is a Christian ministry serving youth of all sexual and gender identities. We provide a safe place for youth who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning or allied to learn, grow, and share their experiences. In this way, The Naming Project is a space in which youth can comfortably discuss faith and who they understand themselves to be and how they relate to God and the rest of the world.

The Naming Project is a Christian ministry that walks with youth wherever they are on their own faith journey. Youth from around the country attend our summer camp, and we communicate with youth, parents, pastors, youth workers, and others who care for LGBTQ youth.

Summer Youth Camp

“Information about 2021 summer programming is TBD
Check the Camp page for more details.

The Rev. Megan Jane Jones Memorial Scholarship

Due to the outpouring of donations following Pastor Megan’s untimely death, we are establishing the Rev. Megan Jane Jones Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship will cover a full camp registration and transportation costs to attend. One scholarship will be awarded each year and the decision of The Naming Project will be final. This is in addition to the financial aid we provide to campers who request it. Visit the Summer Camp page for more information.

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  • A five-day summer camp for youth
  • NEW: A four-day adult camp (see the Adult Camp page for more info)
  • Support for youth on issues of coming out, families, Christianity, and general support.
  • Communications with parents, pastors and church staff about ministry with LGBTQ youth Advice for LGBTQ youth organizations facing issues of religion