Support The Naming Project

The Naming Project is an all-volunteer organization that relies on the generosity of our supporters. If you would like to help support The Naming Project, please choose one or more of the options below.

  1. PRAY for the continuing ministry of The Naming Project.
  2. PROMOTE AND REFER youth to The Naming Project who want to integrate their spirituality and sexuality. Check out the information at the Summer Camp page.
  3. DONATE – Help Support The Naming Project with a financial gift.
    • $10 – Supports email and Facebook correspondence with TNP counselors
    • $25 – Buys valuable arts and craft supplies
    • $50 – Provides food and meals for campers
    • $100 – Covers gas for the ride up to camp (it’s a 2 hour trip!)
    • $200 – Provides travel assistance to camp
    • $300 – Covers the cost of one camp registration
    • $500 – Is a great combination of camp registration & travel assistance
    • $1000 – Pays for the insurance to protect the campers and counselors
  4. GET MERCH at the TNP store.

You can donate through several means:

  1. Make a secure online donation. Recurring (monthly, quarterly, etc.) donations provide the most stable source of income for the ministry. If you can, please consider making a recurring donation.
  2. Other forms of support (i.e. mailing checks, estate planning, long-term giving, gifts-in kind, etc.) please contact The Naming Project at
  3. Donate items on our Wish List. The following are items that will be helpful in the day to day operations. It may be a good idea to contact The Naming Project before sending them.
    • Thank-You Cards
    • Airline Miles for campers to travel to camp. Half of our campers come from outside Minnesota, requiring airfare to be a cost consideration.
    • Stamps (Forever stamps work best. Ask at the Post Office)
    • Gift Cards for Target, Michael’s Crafts, or Staples